• About Digital Distribution

    We are living a revolution that will forever change the way we distribute and consume content.
    Yesterday, paper was the most convenient way to publish and share the written word. With the rise of the Internet, things changed but the publishing business was (by its' own fault) left behind.
    Today, the word changes even faster and a new way of communicating with each other and with our readers is on the making.

    I call this a revolution in distribution (regardless of devices), the digital-distribution, and this is the blog to discuss ideas and share knowledge among each other.

On Defense of a Biological Link Between 
the Human Brain and the Narrative Form

Prologue  This article explores the possible existence of a link between the way the human brain works and the narrative form. Compiling information from different sources and different professionals related to the field of neuroscience, I draw information from the biological definition of the narrative form, the origin of human language and its relation to … Continue reading

Infographics? Yes please, it’s how your brain works

Let’s start this article with a simple test: please answer the following question: “How many teeth does a enraged pit-bull have?”. The answer: “A lot!!! Many more than any of us would ever want to know.” As Steven Pinker points out on his book ‘How The Mind Works’, “Gossip is a favorite pastime in all … Continue reading

Why I’ll start using the word mixmedia instead of multimedia

Lately, as I discuss digital storytelling I find myself correcting my speech whenever I use the word multimedia. Mostly, I change it to the word mixmedia; finding that this word better relates to my line of though and speech. I’ll explain here why I tend to do this and why I believe you should also … Continue reading

Apple vs. Samsung: reinventing Android’s interface

Everybody is talking about the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement case. The resulting verdict was a shock for many people. Apart from ‘politics’ and ‘sides’, I was impressed by the amount of Apple’s patents that the jury thought to have been infringed by Samsung. One of my first thoughts was: “Android needs a lot of … Continue reading

Inside the Story, a review

The long wait is finally over. Today, Adam Westbrook’s* ebook Inside The Story has been released and what a treat it is! The ebook Inside the Story: a masterclass in digital storytelling from the people who do it best is a collection of 20+ articles by several award winning and innovative storytellers, from all ranges of digital … Continue reading

The reinvention of storytelling

Every now and then I’m asked about why we should reinvent the way we plan, produce and present our digital narratives. Why should we have to change the way of doing things that have been working for so long? Who wants to have their nonfiction pieces filled with bells and whistles, video and audio slideshows, … Continue reading

Digital Narratives – An Experiment

Touch the image above to watch my digital narrative experience of ‘The Final Voyage’ Having written about the need to explore new forms of digital narratives and how to produce them, I wanted to try out myself in designing such a narrative. Since I’m not a writer, neither a photographer – and also because of … Continue reading

Breaking news, big events and the ‘second screen’

I remember the day the Egypt uprising began. It was Tuesday (25 January, 2011) and during the night I learned about it through Twitter – I was using my iPad. My first reaction to this breaking news was to turn the TV on and look for a news channel broadcasting about Tahir Square. I found … Continue reading

How to produce narratives for digital distribution

In early July 2011, I wrote for this blog an article about how change should happen in the way we plan, produce and present narratives for digital distribution. I was lucky enough that this article rised some attention and I went on to publish an edit version of it on the Nieman’s Storyboard website. I … Continue reading

An open letter (wish-list) for Sourcefabric

Just a couple of days ago, I found out about Sourcefabric and its future release of a free, open source, editorial system, the Superdesk. Like I always do with all the amazing digital tools I find online, I got in touch with Sourcefabric and let them know that I was looking forward for their product. … Continue reading

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